​■Our Business Domain

Metal Trading/Recycle Business


By using our original global network, we can deliver any goods purchased from suppliers all over the world to our customers stably and promptly.


Metal and Non-metal scrap like aluminum, copper, lead and rare metals generated when knocking down buildings, or recycling automobiles and electronic devices, are important resources in Japan.

We support the global environment by constructing a more self-sustaining society, supplying metals efficiently to those who need them both in and out of Japan

Accident vehicles・broken vehicles/on road and unload business


Wrecker Plaza Corp. is open 24/7, all year round, and offers high quality road-side services.

We will go almost anywhere, including private and public parking lots.

Also, on highways, we will request road safety measures from highway patrol or our Corp.such as deploying vehicles to alert on travelers in order to maintain safety.

We provide “safe and secure” road-side services to vehicle users.

■Corporation Information

Corporation Name

Wrecker Plaza Corporation




Capital:  JPY 30million




Head Office:


 1-14,Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3937-8880(Representative)

Fax: 03-3550-6660


■Description of Business 


Unloading and/or taking over accident vehicles and broken vehicles on road

Metal Trading/Recycle Business

■Representative Greeting

Thank you very much for understanding and supporting Wrecker Plaza Corp.'s business.

Since 1982, Wrecker Plaza Corp. has been providing safe and secure road-side services to vehicle users whilst being supported by everyone.

Nowadays, society is changing rapidly because of Artificial Intelligence, big data and the Internet technology.

Also, the technologies are applied to vehicles, and we are facing a new era in the sense of its relationship with drivers.

Wrecker Plaza Corp. will contribute to realize wholesome automobile society, and keep working on providing the best service for our users.


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